Thursday, 20 October 2016

BattleStrats Vs Aksis - A Strategy Refined

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
As per the BattleStrats mantra, we have been honing our Aksis Phase 2 strategy. Collectively we have now got a very firm grasp of the fight and we can knock the Normal mode fight in one go!

BattleStrats Aksis Phase 2 - Strategy Overview & Kill

The most important points to consider here are:
  • Jordy had NEVER even attempted this fight before
  • We made a handful of mistakes but still succeeded
  • Explaining the strategy and killing Aksis took us less than 20 minutes
Practice (or rather deliberate/perfect practice) has been the secret to our success. Let's look at how exactly we practiced...

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Aksis vs. BattleStrats - A Retrospective

BattleStrats has conquered Aksis. He tested the abilities of each of our players and the effectiveness of our team's communication. We passed this test but there is still much to learn. Our three main areas of focus are:
  1. What did we do well?
  2. Where did we stumble?
  3. How can we improve for the future?

The Plus Points
The biggest takeaway is that the clan is improving. We managed to kill Aksis on our first try with 5 players in the team had never killed Aksis before!
BattleStrats Aksis Kill - Black Spindle FTW! 

The main takeaways from that final successful run are:
  • We communicated empowerment really well
  • Everyone had the right gear/abilities to take down Captains
  • We had consistent slams on Aksis (which maybe a function of us not being tired)
  • Team DPS was solid enough for us to clutch us through missing a damage phase
  • People stayed alive