Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Flappy Whale v1.3.0 (Animated Whale)

It has taken us this long but our Flappy Whale is now actually flapping when you tap :D Play the game and check it out yourself by clicking on the show button below!

Flappy Whale! v1.3.0 - ewry games

We toyed between the idea of having the Whale constantly flapping or having it flap only when you tapped. In the end we liked having it flap whenever you tapped as it provided extra positive feedback to the player. Note the Whale will remain stationary as it plummets, reinforcing the need to tap/flap.

Animating the Whale and the glowing rocks has really given me a profound respect for the intricacies involved in animation. It's fun to see how a handful of static images can produce motion but incredibly painful to tweak all the timings to produce the perfect effect.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Flappy Whale v1.2.0 (Pulsating Rocks! - ewry games)

We have decided to pivot and changed the flying obstacles to floating rocks :D. Try to enjoy the gentle pulsating glow of the rocks without crashing right into them! Click the show button below to launch the game.

Flappy Whale! v1.2.0 - ewry games

We're starting to wrap up the game now and there are only a few more visual items we need to tweak. Depending on feedback I may ramp up the difficulty for the Killer mode as well :P

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Flappy Whale v1.1 - Animated Skyscrapers

We have just released a new alpha version which you can see a video of above. Alternatively give it a go and play it yourself here (https://goo.gl/eTFNZ7)!

Note that there are some visual artifacts and some bugs. Depending on how things go, we might start to port over to Unity very soon.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Flappy Whale v1.0.0 (ewry games)

 @RumziYousef and I are proud to present v1.0.0 of our very first game: Flappy Whale!

Flappy Whale! v1.0.0 - ewry games

Rumzi has been busy creating some awesome artwork to help put the finishing touches to our project. I've also added 3 difficulty modes to the game as well :D

  • Checkout the great new background and our floating skyscrapers.
  • Try out the Easy, Hard and Killer difficulty modes.
Hope you enjoy it!