Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Football Diary ~ Old Street PowerLeague

~ Keeping track of my football antics! ~

Single session, started late sadly as well.

Starting to make some decent passes now! Really need to work hard on my fitness and finishing as ever though.

Luckily I didn't pick up any injuries and I didn't fall over, haha! Epic tired now though, 3v3 is wearisome!

One clinical finish after dribbling past two :)
Many tap-ins


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

3 Doors Down - Time Of My Life

Recently I managed to get my hands on Time Of My Life, the latest album from American rock band 3 Doors Down. Although I actually went to see them in Camden before they released this album last year, I've only gotten around to listening to it recently!

Overall the music is pretty much more of the same from the band, the sounds hasn't really changed since I was really into Away From The Sun and The Better Life albums. More so than those albums though, I feel there are songs that are really "meh". Nevertheless the album is fairly "listenable" with a few very solid tracks in the mix.

A definite for any 3DD fans and I would recommend When You're Young to anyone!

Favourite Tracks
When You're Young (5*)
Time Of My Life
Race For The Sun
Every Time You Go

Football Diary - Old Street PowerLeague

~ Keeping track of my football antics! (Tuesday 17th August 2012) ~

Killer double session again, proper knackered and battered >.<

Everything at a semi decent standard now, passing, dribbling and even my shooting is alright :D Needless to say I really need more practice to improve, hopefully I can improve my fitness too!

Got some nasty knocks, really frustrated with the tackling atm. Really wish people would be more careful!!!

Only a couple of decent right footed goals :(

Heavy - "low trauma"
Medium - Blasted in right thigh
Low - Stamped on right foot
Low - Left shin knocked
Fell over/pushed over alot :(

Monday, 16 April 2012

Linkin Park - Burn It Down

Burn It Down, the first single of the new Linkin Park album, Living Things, has just been released today.

I've listened to it a half dozen times over the last few hours (on and off) and the sound has really grown on me. As soon as I heard it my head started bobbing, the bass is really catchy and I love the retro electric feel to the track. In my mind I half joked with myself that Linkin Park had moved away from "nu metal" to "retro electro metal".

Lyrically the song is very simple but I wouldn't call it simplistic. I'm not sure I'd call the song "deep" but I like how the words seem to flow nicely with the beats. As ever, I can never get enough Shinoda... I gotta have more Shinoda!!! >.<

Not my favourite Linkin Park track of all time, but I definitely don't dislike the new sound! Looking forward to the album!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Football Diary - Old Street PowerLeague

~ Keeping track of my football antics! ~

Killer double session but very much improved!

Did a short training session on the weekend which improved my confidence and helped me hone my passing. Passing is still a little wayward but they are at least coming off more often than not.

Having confidence to try things helps a lot, still very timid in tackling and defending really though. Goal keeping is terrible :(

One very decent lob :)
One backheel xD
One right footed top corner xD
One right foot, buried into far corner :)
Handful of tap-ins

Minor knocks
Minor toe stub (thank god not major again!)
Minor back strain

Friday, 6 April 2012

Tax, Politics & The Bigger Picture

Despairing at the world after having just read this story:


This is what is wrong with society, we need to stop looking through a microscope and start seeing the wider issues.   Are people going to start seeing elections as simple popularity contents akin to the drivel we see on our televisions year in and year out?

When making a list of important things we should know about the next London Major, how much tax he/she pays should be VERY low on the list. What they plan to do with the tax you pay and how you will get taxed is probably the most important thing.

For me, all I care about is if the next Major of London managed to give everyone better value on their taxes and fixed the antiquated transport system we have. I would happily pay extra tax toward cleaning all the crap from the tube, metaphorically and literally >.>

In any case, let's hope some semblance of common sense breaks through sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Developer Diary - JavaScript, GWT and Vaadin Graph Libraries

Having a massive headache trying to find an easy to use JavaScript/GWT/Vaadin graph library.

We're looking to invest in a tool to allow us to draw various types of complex directed graphs, ranging from an "Organisation chart" to a business flow diagram separated into "swim-lanes". On top of this the graphs have to be "skinnable", allowing our graphic designers to make them look slick. Finally the whole library should be easy to use and ideally very well documented/supported.

After some Googling, I've come to the conclusion that there is no one stand-out product in the market which makes these requirements. It looks like we may have to sacrifice one of our requirements to progress any time soon.

One of the sources of complexity I am just going to have to deal with comes from the need to wrap whatever tool we use into Vaadin. Obviously if I find a Vaadin component then I'm done, the main issue is with JavaScript, which I have next to no experience with.

However it has just occurred to me to start looking at pure HTML solutions, perhaps I might find a good tool going down that route... Otherwise I am really going to have to start digging and researching >.<

Football Diary - Old Street PowerLeague

~ Keeping track of my football antics! ~

Very poor session, I need to get better, a lot better. Resolved to practice more and to stop being afraid.